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Friendship Month is a simple, turnkey program to help churches mobilize their congregation by inviting their friends to church during a 4-week period.

Throughout their 30+ combined years in ministry, the dynamic pastors who created Friendship Month developed and perfected a proven formula for church growth. When church members step out of their comfort zones to ask friends, family, and co-workers to join them at church, something wonderful happens…their relationships deepen and are strengthened!

This download includes:

Step-by-step instructions covering everything from table setup and organizing your volunteers to creating special gifts and follow-up strategies.

Monthly theme outline for use in your bulletin. Copy, paste, and customize the provided text and your bulletin announcement is ready to go.

An engaging pre-event kickoff sermon you’ll give the week before Friendship Month starts. It was designed to inspire your current members into action, while gently helping them overcome any fears or objections to inviting their friends to church.

Four complete sermons building on the previous week’s message, focused on different aspects of building and nurturing Spirit-filled relationships with our friends, family, and one another.

A list of suggested songs for your church services including the congregation, choir, and special music performances.

Professionally-designed, editable marketing pieces complete with royalty-free stock photos and a logo that you can use if you wish, or substitute with your own graphics. Simply customize each piece with your church’s information. The marketing pieces were created in a variety of software programs commonly available either in-house or at any local quick-print shop including Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop. You’ll find files for printing invitations, banners, posters, and more.

This package has been professionally appraised at a value of over $1500 and it’s all provided as a convenient digital download for just $249.

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