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The primary use of the Discipleship Handbook is in conjunction with the accompanying Mentor's Guide as part of a 6-month discipleship process for Seventh-day Adventist church members. The 26 26 chapters in this handbook correspond with 26 weekly meetings between member and mentor. Over these 26 weeks, indispensable spiritual habits will be formed. The Discipleship Handbook, when approached with a sincere heart, is a tool that can keep the heart burning with the love for Christ and the life active in ministry for others. To aid in this development is the purpose of the Discipleship Handbook.

  • For new members or those of experience
  • Great for closing the proverbial "back door" and retaining new members
  • Develops devotional life and other essential spiritual habits
  • Integrates member into the local and worldwide church
  • Reinforces the unique mission and message of the Church
  • Affirms the positive blessings of Adventist lifestyle teachings
  • Provides soul-winning encouragement and training
  • Highly practical in every chapter
  • Includes Bible & Spirit of Prophecy reading plan

Hardcover. Copyright 2015. 319 pages.

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