Why I Didn't and Why You Shouldn't Commit Suicide

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    Dr. Roy E. Gaiter, Sr.

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Have you ever considered the existence of a book that would convince someone not to commit suicide? Now there is an important and new book to do just that. This book seeks to be a preemptive, preventative and tactical approach to the problem of suicide, and comfort those who know suicide situations in a personal way.

Veterans commit suicide at the rate of 22 persons everyday according to some sources, but improvements are being made. In addition among active duty soldiers, a study "found that 61 percent of those who tried to take their own lives had not yet been deployed."

This means that they are young and most probably just out of high school. It is also likely for some, suicidal thoughts surfaced even before the teen years.

In the pages of this book you will find:

  • 12 reasons why suicide is not the answer to life's complications.
  • 12 life lessons to make judgements for living.
  • Examples of well-known personalities who didn't commit suicide and more.

Paperback. Copyright 2017 91 pages.

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