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Outreach Coordinator (Personal Ministries Leader) Ministry Description

Outreach Coordinator (Personal Ministries Leader) Ministry Description

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How to Witness Without Embarrassing God

How to Witness Without Embarrassing God

Florida Prison Ministries

Prison ministries for Florida Conference includes LAMB baby program.


Phone: 352.728.1229

Online Sabbath School Lessons

The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide (Quarterly) links the entire world church together in a global classroom.

GC Children's Ministries

Linda Koh has been a teacher for 24 years. She enjoys children and working with children. Presently serving as the General Conference Children's Ministries director. Topics: Children's Ministries, Child Development, Family, and Teaching


Phone: 301.680.6142

Think on These Things Ministries

Weekly radio program, prison ministries, Bible studies and adult literacy/GED programs.


Phone: 404.425.9541

Adventist Volunteer Ministries Network

Site for networking the leadership of the many volunteer ministries, linking Adventist churches, schools, and supportive organizations toward common goals in outreach.


Phone: 301.680.6479

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) is the official endorsing agency for chaplains serving in healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, secular and denominational schools, as well as in the military and the Veterans Administration.


Phone: 301.680.6780

Women's Ministries-NAD

The North American Division Department of Women's Ministries is committed to encouraging, challenging, facilitating, equipping, and nurturing Seventh-day Adventist women as they mature in their spiritual walk and reach out to other women.


Phone: 301.680.6427

SECC Youth Ministries

Southeastern California Conference (SECC) Youth Ministries develop young disciples of Christ, who take ownership of their faith, utilize their God-given gifts passionately in ministry, and transform their community with a heart for the Kingdom.


Phone: 951.509.2260

  • 5120 Prescott Ave
  • Lincoln NE 68506
  • United States