God's Closet Handbook

God's Closet Handbook

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God’s Closet is a practical and inspiring ministry that empowers your congregation to reach out to neighborhood families, meet a felt need, and build relationships!

Many Seventh-day Adventist churches of varying sizes, whether in bustling cities or quiet suburbs, have made each of their God’s Closet chapters flourish into a recognized and respected presence in the community. God has worked wonders with these churches through their desire to help those in need—and He can do the same with yours!

This handbook will take you through the fundamental steps of establishing a God’s Closet ministry at your home church. You’ll also learn about best practices, recommendations, and options for adapting this ministry to your own unique church and community. Included are segments on:

  • What is God’s Closet?
  • Starting & Operating A God’s Closet Chapter at Your Church
  • Clothing Donations—How to Proactively Maintain A Constant Supply
  • How to Set Up A Free Shop Day Event

Are you ready to make a difference in your community? God’s closet is a ministry that will engage your church members in serving the community surrounding your church.

Paperback. Copyright 2021. 22 pages.

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