Grandparenting: Giving Our Grandchildren a Grand View of God - Mobi (Kindle)

Grandparenting: Giving Our Grandchildren a Grand View of God - Mobi (Kindle)

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God’s ideal for grandparents has been marred by a world filled with sin. His original plan has been pushed out of the picture and society has blurred the clarity of the role that we, as grandparents, have been called to fill. The culture’s distracting noise screams loudly to grandparents, calling them to a life of indulgence with their grandchild while God has given them a much higher calling – that of being disciple-makers. It’s time we understand that we are a vital part of fulfilling the gospel commission as we have been God-ordained to give our grandchildren a GRAND view of God! This resource is filled with research, practical ideas, and discussion questions that may be used by individuals or small groups to explore their God-given role of grandparenting.

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