Families of Faith - Family Ministries Planbook

Families of Faith - Family Ministries Planbook

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Families of Faith will assist you in planning sermons, seminars, and stories that will help members of your church and community understand the divine design for life and relationships. You will find the following sermon resources:

  • Making Your Marriage Work
  • Family Grace
  • Daybreak: Timeless Answers for an Old Question


  • Three different children's story ideas
  • Three different seminars for marriage, parenting, and family

In addition, you will find three leadership documents for family ministries directors and pastors to use as you encourage families to discover their Biblical foundations:

  • "The New Testament Meaning of Family" by Willie Oliver
  • "Biblical Foundations of Family Ministry" by Karen and Ron Flowers
  • "Marriage as a Covenant" by Bryan Craig

Use Families of Faith to develop biblical foundations for your family and the families in your church.

Paperback. Released in 2002 as the Family Ministries Planbook.

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