God's Heart Call to Inner Peace - Portuguese

God's Heart Call to Inner Peace - Portuguese

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Do you want to find peace with God, your spouse, and your family? This book will help guide you to identify issues that have kept you from being all that God intended you to be and then to help you surrender those issues to Jesus and give Him the pain that has bound you.

Chapters include:

  • Live in Trust – Surrender Fear
  • Live in Humility – Surrender Pride
  • Live in Forgiveness – Surrender Bitterness
  • Live in Obedience – Surrender Rebellion
  • Live in Voluntary Submission – Surrender Involuntary Passion
  • Live in Respect – Surrender Abuse
  • Live in Purity – Surrender Immorality
  • Live in Eternal Values – Surrender Temporal Values
  • Live in Sincerity – Surrender Hypocrisy
  • Live in Prosperity – Surrender Adversity
  • Living the Journey Within Marriage

Copyright 2009. 200 pages.

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