Winning Ways to Witness Sermon Series CD

Winning Ways to Witness Sermon Series CD

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Share Christ and His end-time truths with confidence in a way that fits your unique temperament. This nine-part sermon series introduces seven different witnessing styles to a congregation and motivates members to make evangelism a lifestyle. Each disk also contains sermon manuscripts in Microsoft Word and sermon presentations in PowerPoint.

This set includes nine audio sermons by David Hartman, D. Min. CD contents:

Disk 1

  • Intro to Witnessing Styles “Rise & Shine”
  • #1 Intersession “Pray for Me”

Disk 2

  • #2 Friendship “The Friendship Factor”
  • #3 Service “Kill ‘em with Kindness”

Disk 3

  • #4 Testimony “My Story”

Disk 4

  • #5 Invitation “Irresistible Invitation”
  • #6 Communication “Communicating Christ”

Disk 5

  • #7 Proclamation “A Loud Cry”

Disk 6

  • Conclusion to Witnessing Styles “Searching for a Surrogate”

This sermon series will motivate members to engage in “lifestyle evangelism” utilizing a variety of witnessing approaches so friends and contacts are prepared for reaping meetings.

Note: This sermon series corresponds with the Winning Ways to Witness DVD Training Series.

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