Winsome Witnessing (Revised & Expanded)

Winsome Witnessing (Revised & Expanded)

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“We don’t have to be immobilized by doubts on how to witness any longer,” says Doug Batchelor about this fresh book on dynamic ways to share your faith. Author Gary Gibbs illuminates useful how-to instructions with inspiring and humorous stories from his witnessing adventures. Here you will learn simple skills to lead people to Christ, insights to revitalize your church, a proven strategy to give interesting Bible studies, and much more. This practical manual is sure to energize your relationship with God.

Revised and expanded, the new version of Winsome Witnessing includes the bonus CD book Winsome Studies in Prophecy, Dynamic Bible Studies You Can Give! Together, this is the ultimate soul-winning kit to help you lead people to Christ, revitalize your church, give successful Bible studies, and more. Plus, the bonus book gives you word-for-word scripts for 29 powerful Bible studies you can immediately use. Known for his practical instruction, Gary Gibbs will help you become a successful soul winner through this useful book.

Paperback with CD. 143 pages. Copyright 2011.

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