Galactic Quest VBS Complete Kit - Bilingual (Spanish and English)

Galactic Quest VBS Complete Kit - Bilingual (Spanish and English)

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Investigation Station: Galactic Quest is an interactive VBS program where kids get to know God by learning about the galaxy He created. Each day they will receive an assignment to learn more about God’s love for us and His special plan for our lives. Throughout each day’s program they will gather evidence in their journals, and at the closing program they will discuss their conclusions. All aspects of this VBS program point kids to God as the Creator with a plan for their lives.

Included in the complete kit:

  • Director’s Guide
  • Opening and Closing Station Guide
  • Engineering (Crafts) Station Guide
  • Mess Hall (Snacks) Station Guide
  • Project Earth (Mission) Station Guide
  • Ready Room (Bible Story) Station Guide
  • Simulation Room (Games) Station Guide
  • Space Lab (Science/Nature) Station Guide and DVD
  • Music CD and DVD
  • Sheet Music
  • Starlight Academy Preschool Program
  • Station and memory verse posters
  • Sample journal
  • CD featuring PDFs of all scripts

Galactic Quest was developed by a team of Seventh-day Adventist pastors, children’s ministry professionals, and VBS leaders. It contains Seventh-day Adventist beliefs including the experience of salvation, heaven, the new earth, and Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. This VBS program will connect with community children while engaging Adventist children in learning biblical truth.

VBS is one of the most effective outreach programs your church can offer. Provide the families in your church and community with a fun and uplifting experience they will not forget by sharing Galactic Quest at your church.

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