Kidsville VBX Starter Kit - English

Kidsville VBX Starter Kit - English

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 Welcome to VBX, where kids learn about Jesus and experience His love in a variety of unique ways. This program focuses on the truth that “Jesus loves others through me.” Each day the kids will not only learn what it means for Jesus to love them, but how Jesus can use them to love others. They will discover what that looks like in their daily lives and how they can be better friends to those around them.

These lessons were developed by a team of Seventh-day Adventist pastors, children’s ministry professionals, and VBX leaders with a passion for sharing Jesus’ love with children. Lessons will connect with community children while engaging Adventist children in learning about the Bible.

Kit includes:

  • Director's Guide

Station Leader Guides

  • Kidsville Playground & Bounce-back (opening and closing programs)
  • Bible Adventures with Dr. Luke (Bible story)
  • The Clubhouse (life applications)
  • Connection Station (prayer)
  • Creation Station (crafts)
  • Play Station (games)
  • Snack Shack (snacks)
  • Operation Kidsville (mission)


  • Promotional
  • Stations
  • Daily Themes
  • Bible Story


  • Music CD and DVD
  • Playground DVD

Other Items

  • Slide whistle
  • Sample certificate of attendance
  • Sample Bible Pal

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