Church Board Member Ministry Description

The church board is charged by the members of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church with the operation of the church. With such an important...

Event Marketing Strategies that Work

You've planned your event, but will they come? Here are three ready-to-use tips for marketing your event.

Facilitating Change

The most difficult changes to make are those that involve something connected with worship or Sunday {Sabbath} morning scheduling, especially a new...

Constituency Sessions

This page features a listing of all the Union and Conference Constituency Sessions for the North American Division.

Best Practices for Meeting Planning

Guidelines for planning efficient, beneficial meetings where Christ is present and welcome.

P2P Peer to Peer

This devotional is available in paperback and audio format.

51 Ways PlusLine Can Help You & Your Church

PlusLine is a clearing house for ministry ideas and information. Hundreds of church members, pastors and church workers have accessed this free...

Financial Tips for Churches

If you're church is having problems with finances, make sure you have these three key factors in place.

Revive Us Again

A call for revival.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Succinct yet sympathetic, this guide will be a boon for those struggling with the inherent difficulties of leading a group.

Well-Intentioned Dragons

This book will help pastors and church staff deal with difficult people.

Finance Committee

Having sharp minds, spiritual hearts and keen insights on board can make a Finance Committee a powerful agent for positive change.

Think Like Jesus

George Barna looks at Jesus' life and uncovers seven characteristics of His worldview that define what Jesus believed and how He acted.

How to Grow an Adventist Church

Russell Burrill challenges you to win people in your own neighborhood, within your circle of influence.

Making the Church a Safe Place

Women's Ministries offers local churches planning materials for Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day.

Creating an Event with a Difference

How about your church's profile in your community? As a church member, you've no doubt often wished your church could be better known and respected in...

Dedication of Church Building

The dedication of a church building to the worship of God is a special occasion and demands careful preparation and wise planning. It is the ceremony...

Potential for Church Growth

Do you believe that your church has the potential to grow?

Church Renewal: Rediscovering Mission

When church members need a wake-up call to help them take responsibility for their spiritual growth and community (by sharing among themselves and...

Clergy Appreciation Month

Clergy Appreciation Month is a time that congregations set aside each year to honor the pastor and their families

Celebrating Your Church's Birthday

One of the significant events that churches celebrate is the date of their official birth as a church body. One church in Colorado celebrated their...

Steering Your Event to Financial Success

Technology is terrific! It has made communication immediate, convenient and comprehensive. Yet, organizations that use tech options are still...

What Is Your Church About?

Ask this of most Adventists and they’ll say, "we're about winning people to Christ."

What Good is a Small Church?

I pastor a small church with an average weekly attendance of just over one hundred. Which means I pastor an average church. I’ve read estimates that...

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