51 Ways AdventSource Can Help You & Your Church

Here's a list of 51 specific ways AdventSource can help:

 1. For a list of resources for small group ministry.

 2. To find a pastor or church address.

 3. To get ideas for conducting a health ministry in your community.

 4. To find the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast in your area. 

 5. To register for a seminar utilizing AdventSource's registration services.

 6. To find out where to purchase evangelism videos/dvds.

 7. To find Adventist retirement centers and/or nursing homes.

 8. For the address and phone number of a specific church institution.

 9. For a list of web sites of various Adventist organizations.

10. For a list of youth ministry resources and organizations.

11. For information on how to start a Women's Ministry.

12. For information on how to start a Men's Ministry.

13. For tips on how to tell a children's story at church.

14. For ideas on how to conduct a children's church.

15. For resources needed to start a secular campus ministry.

16. For a list of books on how to teach your child about sex.

17. For ideas on how to plan a seminar talk.

18. For a list of inexpensive sharing brochures.

19. For ideas on starting a health ministry.

20. To obtain program ideas for vespers and other church events.

21. For suggestions on how to effectively share your testimony.

22. For ideas on how to start a church interest file.

23. To obtain suggestions on starting a church-based counseling center.

24. To receive a list of creative evangelism ideas.

25. To find the best resources available for conducting home Bible studies.

26. For resources to help with conflict resolution.

27. For a list of organizations that can help you home school your child.

28. For the websites and numbers of Adventist colleges and universities.

29. For a list of organizations that manufacture and sell church furniture.

30. For speaker referrals and recommendations.

31. For verification of denominational news.

32. For information on where to find the best Adventist outreach resources.

33. For Family Life information.

34. To find out about other Adventist resource organizations.

35. For a list of resources for nurturing new members.

36. To obtain ideas for stewardship ministry.

37. For a list of organizations that help troubled youth.

38. For ideas on starting a resource center in your local church.

39. For Adventist satellite information.

40. To obtain a list of Adventist churches in your area.

41. For assistance in finding Spirit of Prophecy resources.

42. For information about Seventh-day Adventist mission work.

43. For worship renewal resources.

44. To find out how to get in touch with ADRA.

45. To find an Adventist adoption agency.

46. For a list of organizations that manufacture and sell marketing materials.

47. For prayer ministry ideas and resource people.

48. To obtain suggestions for advertising AdventSource in your area.

49. To find organizations for Adventist singles.

50. For help with Adventist Community Service ideas and resources.

51. To obtain church planting information.

For more information browse AdventSource's website or call 402.486.8800.

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