Hospitality Ministry Description

True hospitality is a spiritual ministry. The most valuable earthly possession a person can have is a warm, supportive friendship.

Greeter Ministry Description

The greeter performs a major role in ensuring that people see and experience God's unconditional love.

51 Ways PlusLine Can Help You & Your Church

PlusLine is a clearing house for ministry ideas and information. Hundreds of church members, pastors and church workers have accessed this free...

Meet the Lady Behind The Lily Line

Meet Judy Wright, the inspiration for the creation of an entire new line of post cards to be used in personal ministry.

Welcoming Holiday Visitors

Suggestions for welcoming holiday visitors to your church.

First Impressions Matter

Effective greeting only comes naturally for a few people. Most members need to be educated on what is appropriate and what is not.

Heaven's Depot

Home Depot has a great mission statement.

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