Health Ministries Leader Ministry Description

The most important objective of health ministry is to help men and women reach their full potential, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Taking Control

Self-help course for nicotine addiction recovery.

Adventists InStep for Life

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has long promoted a message of healthful living. In response to the growing obesity crisis, the North American...

CHIP Proves It Gets Results!

The Research-tested Interventions Program (RTIP) announced last week that CHIP is now included on its official website. This is exciting news because...

9 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Pacific Press® has just released 9 Ways to Prevent Diabetes a new, 80-page booklet by Dr. Donald R. Hall.

Adventists and Addictions

The effects of a drug or alcohol addiction can be devastating to family members and friends, as well as to those with an addiction.

51 Ways PlusLine Can Help You & Your Church

PlusLine is a clearing house for ministry ideas and information. Hundreds of church members, pastors and church workers have accessed this free...

Forks Over Knives

This issue provides 48 pages of content with full, vibrant color on every page and insightful health articles.

Mercy for Suffering Young Women

Practical books about ministering to young girls who suffer from eating disorders, self-harm, addictions or sexual abuse.

Balanced Living Health Tracts

Balance Magazine, Balance Bulletin or Balance Health Tracts make sharing our health message easy and affordable.

We Ate Granola Before Granola was Cool

Vibrant Life celebrates 125 years of sharing a message of health.

Living a Meaningful Life

Living a Meaningful Life is a book of hope and encouragement for those suffering with longstanding illness and their loved ones.

Black Hills Offers Short-Term Wellness Programs

In response to the economic crunch, Black Hills Health and Education Center has begun offering 5-day intensive educational programs in addition to its...

Kids and Drugs

Supplemental information to "Adventists and Addictions: Finding Help and Healing."


Sharing booklet filled with tips for how to have better health and live longer!

Ten Talents Cookbook

This all-time classic, a best-seller Cookbook/Health Manual emphasizes God's Original Diet for man as found in Genesis 1:29.

Steps for Life Fitness Challenge

"Steps for Life Fitness Challenge," a program to encourage and improve fitness among church leaders and members.

DVD Health Outreach

DVD health outreach is effective even in the smallest churches. It may be the answer to having someone make credible health presentations. Many...

National Smoke-out Day Thursday, November 19

National Smoke-out Day is always the third Thursday of November, one week before Thanksgiving.

Fitness Programs

Nearly seven in ten Adventist churches offer no fitness, exercise or weight loss group or class. In fact, they are half as likely as other religious...

Tobacco: You Can Be Free

A new stop-smoking booklet is now available from Pacific Press. The 16-page, full-color booklet, titled "Tobacco: You Can Be Free," combines the...

Fighting Fat

What is it about traditional Southern Cuisine and true blue Soul Food that everybody loves?

6 Ways to Let Those with Chronic Illness in Your Church Know You Care

Nearly 1 in 2 people in the U.S. have a chronic condition. If it's not you, it's someone sitting next to you.

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