Sabbath School Investment

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    Cecily Daly

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Sabbath School Investment is not simply another offering; it is a plan whereby an individual invests money, time, or effort in a faithful partnership with God for the purpose of supporting His world mission.

This manual is a ready aid for all Sabbath School Investment personnel. Within its pages are procedures and ideas designed to produce an effective Investment program in your local church.

This book contains four seasonal Sabbath School programs for Investment days:

  • Spring Program - Investment Blast-Off
  • Summer Program - Banner Day
  • Fall Program - Celebrate Investment
  • Winter Program - Investment Victory Day

Through Cecily Daly’s extensive experience with Investment, you’ll find:

  • Guidelines for Sabbath School teachers
  • Visual aid ideas
  • Investment personnel job descriptions
  • Project ideas
  • Investment poems and songs
  • Information you can easily share with others about the mission of Investment

No Investment leader should be without this resource. Use it to learn about Investment, ignite others with excitement about Investment, and get your church’s Investment program off the ground.

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