Sabbath School Booklets (Set of 13)

Sabbath School Booklets (Set of 13)

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Would you like to create the ideal Sabbath School class – one with a warm and caring atmosphere, where members and visitors alike feel welcome and cared for? This set of 13 booklets outlines simple plans for organizing and equipping your church’s Sabbath School. This set is a must-read for all Sabbath School superintendents, secretaries, leaders, and teachers.

This set includes:

  • Adult Sabbath School Teacher
  • Branch Sabbath Schools
  • Community Friendly Sabbath School
  • Decision Days
  • Extension Division
  • Investment Secretary
  • Sabbath School Action Units
  • Sabbath School Organization
  • Sabbath School Secretary
  • Sabbath School Superintendent
  • Sabbath School Teaching
  • Sabbath School Welcoming and Ushering
  • Visitation in the Sabbath School

Booklets. Varied Pages. Copyright 2010.

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