I Miss Grandpa

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    Karen Holford

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A book to help Adventist children understand death—and eternal life

Stevie loved visiting Grandma and Grandpa on their farm! Grandpa let Stevie feed the chickens and lambs and ride on the tractor. They always had so much fun together.

One day not long after a visit to the farm, something went wrong with Grandpa’s heart and he died. Stevie had lost his best friend. He missed his Grandpa and wondered what it was like to die.

Death is a fact of life and yet there is a hope beyond the grave. Parents sometimes find it hard to communicate that hope to small children. This book was written with you, the Adventist parent, in mind. I Miss Grandpa tenderly tells a story of love, loss, and a butterfly that helps children deal with loss and understand the good news about those who sleep in Jesus.

Hardback. Copyright 2004. 32 pages.

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