The Case for Grace

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    Lee Strobel

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The Case for a Creator explored the scientific evidence for God;

The Case for Christ investigated the historical evidence for Jesus;

The Case for Faith responded to eight major objections about Christianity;

The Case for The Real Jesus refuted the current challenges to the Bible and Christ …

Now, in The Case for Grace, Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal case for God, focusing on God’s transforming work in the lives of men and women today.

Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journey from atheism to Christianity to explore the depth and breadth of God’s redeeming love for spiritually wayward people. He travels thousands of miles to capture the inspiring stories of everyday people whose values have been radically changed and who have discovered the “how” and “why” behind God’s amazing grace. You’ll encounter racists, addicts, and even murderers who have found new hope and purpose. You’ll meet once-bitter people who have received God’s power to forgive those who have harmed them—and, equally amazing, people mired in guilt who have discovered that they can even forgive themselves.

Through it all, you will be encouraged as you see how God’s grace can revolutionize your eternity and relationships … starting today.

Paperback. Copyright 2015. 230 pages.

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