Help! I'm a Parent: Parenting Kids with Different Abilities

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    Kristen Breiner

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When Kristin Breiner and her husband, Adam, learned that their unborn baby would have a disability, they struggled with the unknown. What abilities would their son have? Would he be able to lead an independent life as an adult? Could they still love their older son enough while caring for a younger child with severe disabilities?

Perhaps you are in a similar place, raising a child or children who happened to be born with something that makes them different. Perhaps you are just curious about what life with a child with different abilities looks like. Whatever your reason, you are part of a community. In this book you will find encouragement and hope, shared tears and joys, and the beauty of life based on the hope of Christ and not on the demands of this world.

About the Author

Kristin Breiner enjoys the finer things in life, like looking at the stars through the skylight of a yurt, going for a run in the rain, finding some new adventure to share with her family, and reading the next great book. When she's not doing these things she is the Women's Ministries Coordinator for her local church, married to a pastor, and stay-at-home mom to her three rambunctious boys. Her life is rowdy and real and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Paperback. Copyright 2016. 74 pages.

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