Steps by Christ for Kids

Steps by Christ for Kids

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Do you want the children in your life to understand what it means to be a Christian?

Favorite children’s author Jerry D. Thomas has written this new book to help kids ages six to nine take their first steps in Christian discipleship. “I’ve tried to follow the example of Jesus by using simple stories to convey great truths,” he says. “When you’re trying to teach children great truths, you don’t try to tell them everything – you try to tell them the most important things in words they can understand.”

  • The chapters in this book are based on principles drawn from Steps to Christ by Ellen White.
  • In the back of the book is a collection of the quotes from Steps to Christ that form the basis of the teachers of each chapter.
  • The Teaching Tips at the end of each chapter will assist teachers, parents, or caregivers to help children begin their walk with Jesus and understand why Christians say and do the things they do.

Paperback. 80 pages. Copyright 2008.

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