TERMS: In establishing an Express Connect account the business accepts responsibility for payment of orders placed using the Express Connect password. It is agreed that the business will make payment for invoices within 30 days of invoice date. Payment is expected within terms as merchandise is delivered. Any disputed invoices or statement amounts are to be communicated as soon as the package arrives. It is understood that if a balance becomes past due, a monthly interest charge of 1% (12% per year) will be assessed. If a balance is past due AdventSource may take whatever steps necessary to secure payment. Any additional collection fees may be charged to the past due balance.

Upon approval of the account, you will be assigned an Express Connect account number and password. Please include the account number with all payments and other correspondence. Both the account number and password will be required for all orders.

Billing Address

Mailing Address

Bank Reference

Credit Reference 1

Credit Reference 2

Credit Reference 3

By submitting this agreement, responsibility is assumed for charges incurred on the above account. Payment will be made according to the credit policies set by AdventSource. It is also agreed that reasonable attorney fees, collection fees, and court costs incurred by AdventSource, should they be forced to pursue collection of this account, will be paid.

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