10 Ways to Reach Your Community

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation,” Jesus said, in Mark 16:15. Today, we have more opportunities for sharing than ever before. Creating an online presence for your organization can help you connect with members throughout the week and shape the community’s perception of your church.

1.    Websites. Easy-to-use navigation, attractive design, visible contact information, directions, what to expect, and upcoming events, are all pieces of important information easily accessible to many people. Resource:

2.    Blogs. Ideal for starting conversations, blogs also create a place to respond to people who have questions. Incorporate a spiritual element by posting about a favorite Bible verse, a sermon you recently heard, a book you are reading, or someone who inspires you. Resources:,

3.    Videos. Videos can express the personality of your church or ministry. You don't need a lot of equipment or expertise. Post videos on one of many free websites and then embed them into your website or blog. Resources:,,,

4.    Facebook. Use Facebook to connect with your members throughout the week and keep them up to date on church events. Facebook can serve as a forum for a two-way conversation with your members with the benefit of instant feedback. Resource:

5.    Twitter. Use Twitter to promote upcoming events, encourage feedback by asking a question of the day, share ideas, and more. Resource:

6.    Foursquare. Use this mobile application to take ownership of your church, create specials and custom badges, spread the word about events, and more. Resource:

7.    Webinars and webcasting. Present workshops or seminars over the Internet. Use these services to grow your church by presenting online prayer meetings, Bible studies, and baptismal classes. Resources:,

8.    Email Newsletter. Reduce your church’s printing budget by updating members through email. Email newsletters will also reach members quickly and require less management and shorter lead times. Resources: ACC email newsletter module, Constant Contact

9.    RSS Feeds. Really Simple Syndication allows users to subscribe and read when it is convenient to them. You can link RSS feeds to your church’s website, blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Resource: 

10.  Google Applications. Powerful, intuitive applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs can help reduce your costs and help people collaborate more effectively. Resource:

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