Apple Core Offering Appeal

During the offering appeal, use two members who are good at drama.

Have one casually walk onto the platform (stage) area with a clear bag full of red apples in one hand, and a half-eaten apple in the other. They are eating the apple in their hand as they climb onto a stool.

After a few seconds, in walks the second member (a passer-by) who is about to walk by the apple-eater. But then, they stop and greet the apple-eater and say, "My, those are delicious looking apples."

The apple-eater responds, "Yes, they are! I love red delicious apples." As he says this he holds up his bag and looks at the apples, and counts them, as he continues to eat the apple in his hand.

The passerby then asks, "Where did you get them?"

The apple-eater replies that he bought them at the store and motions off in the direction of the stores.

Then the passer-by gets bold and asks for an apple. The apple-eater responds," Sure, sorry I didn't think of offering you one," and then, promptly hands the passerby the apple core of the apple he has just finished, gets off the stool, says, "Goodbye" and walks away.

The scene ends with the passer-by holding the apple core with a bewildered look on his/her face.

Application: The application is pretty obvious and doesn't need to be overly emphasized. Too often we give God and others the leftovers, and fail to discover the scriptural axiom that it's truly "more blessed to give than to receive."

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