Baptismal Robes

Merry Knoll began sewing baptismal robes 45 years ago in the town of Abbottsford, British Columbia, after discovering some large bolts of fabric in the conference office where her husband was employed as the conference evangelist. The conference hired her to design and sew all of the robes for the churches in British Columbia, and her business was officially launched. God blessed her business, and she has been able to help put four children through 16 years of Adventist education as well as devote a significant part of her income to Sabbath School investment.  

Merry offers robes in the standard sizes of Extra Small for children (XS), Youth (Y), Medium (M), Large (L), and X-Large (XL) and in the colors of navy blue, royal blue, black, and burgundy. However, other colors and sizes, as well as custom options, are available through special order. She also offers a robe specifically designed for the pastor with a V-neck design and snaps in the sleeves.

Merry follows E.G. White’s counsel regarding baptismal robes when designing and sewing them: “In every church, baptismal robes should be provided for the candidates. This should not be regarded as a needless outlay of means. It is one of the things required in obedience to the injunction: 'Let all things be done decently and in order.' 1 Corinthians 14:40. . . The robes should be made of substantial material, of some dark color that water will not injure, and they should be weighted at the bottom.  Let them be neat, well-shaped garments, made after an approved pattern. There should be no attempt at ornamentation, no ruffling, or trimming. All display, whether of trimming or ornaments, is wholly out of place. . .Yet there should be nothing shabby or unseemly, for this is an offense to God.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 6, pages 97-98 

Churches in 47 states and provinces across North America use her robes for baptisms at church and during evangelistic meetings. A pastor from Arizona writes, “Thank you for my order of robes. They are really beautiful and well made. I am totally satisfied with them.” Another from Idaho writes, “They are beautiful, well done, and the fabric is great.”

For further information and pricing, please contact Merry Knoll at (509) 301-8297 or by email at

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