Building a Better Youth Ministry

Do you need some road-tested tips for making your Youth Ministry more effective? Try these for starters!

1. Make sure your activities are "relationship oriented." In this decade and beyond Youth ministries is built on relationships.

2. Get into the Word.

3. Again, focus on relationships!

4. Use music and lighting to set the mood for your programs. When possible include pizza, popcorn and root beer floats. Your programs will be a success 85% of the time. You can even do this with your Friday evening Bible study groups.

5. Build a resource library for your youth leaders. Call Group Publishers, (800) 447-1070, and ask for their free catalog of cutting-edge youth resource materials. Every NAD youth leader should have access to these tools.

6. If you have youth who are heavy into sports, turn them on to Sports Spectrum, a quality, Christian-based sports magazine. Visit them on the web and find out what they are about! Sports Spectrum Website.

7. One more time: Today, Jesus is shared through relationships!

8. To stay fresh, attend at least one youth training seminar a year. Some of the best are put on by Group Magazine (800) 447-1070, and Youth Specialties (800)776-8008

Ron Whitehead is Director of the Center for Youth Evangelism in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

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