Building a Soul-Winning Sabbath School

1. Implement the four Sabbath School objectives:

  • Promote Bible Study and Effective Class Teaching
  • Foster Christian Fellowship
  • Encourage Community Outreach Activities
  • Cultivate Support for World Missions

2. Plan with the assistant coordinator for evangelism in promoting Branch Sabbath Schools, Community Guest Days, Friendship Evangelism initiatives and class outreach opportunities.

3. Plan with the assistant coordinator for the reclaiming of inactive members. Help keep Sabbath School membership lists up-to-date.

4. Plan with the world missions coordinator for a strong program of mission education in all divisions.

5. Plan with the hospitality coordinator for the care of visitors.

6. Plan with the adult division leader for growth. If a Sabbath School wants to grow, it should add one new class per year for every 100 members. These might be for special interest groups, such as young adults, singles, women, beginner parents, new members, prospective members, or other special interests.

7. Encourage activities outside of Sabbath School time, such as potlucks, outings, nature walks, and other social activities.

8. Make sure the extension division is properly functioning.

 Reprinted from the Sabbath School Handbook

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