AdventSource is pleased to announce a partnership with eClubTracker – the busy Pathfinder leader’s solution for managing a club!

eClubTracker is a member management application designed to help you manage your Pathfinder or Adventurer Club. When you use eClubTracker, you will spend less time managing your club and have more time for everything else. eClubTracker allows you to:

  • Track information about club members, staff, and volunteers
  • Create a communication hub where members, parents, and staff can log in and stay up to date with club activities
  • Maintain a shared calendar with the ability to update it in real time 
  • Easily record attendance, points, and each member’s requirements completed for Investiture
  • Track honors taught and earned by members and staff
  • Print member and conference reports
  • Streamline the workload by allowing your staff to log in and enter attendance and other information
  • And much more!


This partnership gives eClubTracker users the advantage of qualified AdventSource personnel providing customer service and user support and allows AdventSource to provide another great resource tool for Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders.

For more information or to sign up your club, visit or call 888-493-9538.

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