Online Sabbath School Lessons

The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide (Quarterly) links the entire world church together in a global classroom. Written by a variety of authors, the adult study guide, available in regular and large print, encourages daily personal time with God and His Word. Also available are:

  • Teacher’s Quarterly which includes complete helps for each lesson. Available in loose-leaf format.
  • Sharing Scripture, a photocopiable study guide for use with each lesson.
  • Collegiate Quarterly, designed and written for young adults. Teacher’s edition and Bible Study Guides are available from your local Adventist Book Center. For a daily CQ reading go to
  • Contemporary Comments, an up-to-date commentary that ties the weekly lesson to current events. Great for lesson introductions. Visit to sign up for a weekly email.
  • E.G. White Notes is a compilation of quotations addressing the topics of the day, week, and quarter in the Adult Sabbath School lessons. Visit
  • Join the Sabbath School Network at to access email discussion groups, chat rooms, and online searches of Bible texts and a direct link to the E.G. White database.

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