Restore a Child

Throughout history God changed the names of people whom He called to do specific work and gave them new names to reflect that Divine calling. We believe God is calling us at this turning point to change our name because “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.” We believe that reaching hearts of the people for kids (as reflected in our prior name, Reaching Hearts for Kids) has been only part of our work and now we see with greater clarity to focus on restoring children.
Branding our new name is not about a fancy graphic design or a color, it is about continuing and fulfilling our mission and God’s calling “to do good; seek justice…defend the orphans….” Isaiah 1:17, NASB because HE is the “God of justice, ” and “Father of the fatherless….” We, Restore a Child, understand it is our duty to continue rescuing the children from those who rob them of these basic, God-given rights with boldness and courage.
Yes, while we do have a new name, our aim, as we continue God’s work as Restore a Child is to restore the stolen lives of children and to do that in conformity to His plan for them, so they may be channels of His love. We are ever mindful that we can continue serving children only if we continue calling on the “name of the Lord,” the “name that is above all names.“ With our new name, Restore a Child, we are taking our commitment to a higher level to continue the work with the same mission, passion, and compassion.

Be assured that Restore a Child continues to work with utmost integrity, accountability, and transparency first to our God, our donors, our staff, and our children. Your generous donations in the past have helped us serve children in demeaning poverty. Poverty is not just a social issue. Poverty has a face and a name. Thank you for “standing in the gap for the poor.”      
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