Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour (YSH) presents exciting, entertaining, wholesome, character-building stories that capture the hearts of today’s children and young people, encouraging them to make good life-choices and helping them to incorporate the traits of honesty, integrity, perseverance and all the other virtues into their own character development. Your Story Hour’s dramatized stories are professionally written, enacted and produced for international radio broadcast in three languages—English, Spanish and Russian—and most are also available on CDs or via MP3 download from the website:

YSH stories are taken from many sources: Scripture (virtually all of the Bible’s rich storehouse of stories has been produced); history (including famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Louis Pasteur, Clara Barton, George Washington Carver, George Muller and many others, who by their character and/or their deeds have benefited mankind), and everyday life experiences which demonstrate the wisdom of living one’s life according to Christian principles. The stories are narrated by hosts Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan, and are enhanced with music and sound effects to capture the imagination. New stories are added to the repertoire on an ongoing basis, so that a wide range of topics and venues are covered from the most current concerns such as cyber-predators to the more classic themes of kindness and generosity.

In addition, YSH offers FREE Bible lessons, which feature easy-to-understand text and fun-to-do quizzes. As students work their way through the course, they earn CDs (or downloads) from the Life of Jesus series of  26 stories which chronicle the activities and mission of our Savior from Bethlehem to the ascension. Clubhouse magazine, an online publication for kids, is also available on the website, as are several other features, including specials, recently-aired programs, podcasts, and more.

Begun in 1949, YSH has impacted the lives of millions of children across 60 years and several generations. Your Story hour is a global, nonprofit, educational, independent ministry dedicated to uplifting and inspiring children and young people towards a relationship with their God and towards a life based on the bedrock of Christian virtues. Your Story Hour is broadcast worldwide on more than 3000 stations via AM, FM and short-wave, as well as over the Internet.

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