Youth Leader

Working with teenagers is a challenging path that requires dedicated people, committed to Jesus, who care personally for the youth. Being a youth leader is not for everyone, but it is for those to whom God has given the following gifts.

15 Qualities of a Youth Leader
  1. Is convicted of God’s call to youth ministry.
  2. Has a sense of responsibility, commitment and devotion to youth. (See: Confidentiality.)
  3. Is genuinely sympathetic and friendly.
  4. Is positive and enthusiastic.
  5. Is developing excellent listening skills.
  6. Understands team effort.
  7. Knows the importance of continuing to learn. Attends training seminars, subscribes to youth ministry journals, reads youth ministry books (owns a personal copy of The ABZs of Adventist Youth Ministry!).
  8. Plans ahead. Delegates. Organizes.
  9. Monitors other youth programs with a view to improving his or her own program. Talks to other youth leaders, looking for creative ideas that may work in his or her own setting.
  10. Manages time.
  11. Holds high standards of personal behavior.
  12. Is never too busy to serve.
  13. Develops leadership skills in a wide area of activities.
  14. Works constantly toward the fulfillment of goals.
  15. Is a person of prayer. Youth ministry without prayer is like breathing without air.

“From: ABZ’s of Adventist Youth Ministry”
© 2000 John Hancock Center for Youth&Family Ministry
Permission to copy for use in the local congregation or group.

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