Aboriginal Lore Honor Requirements

Aboriginal Lore Honor Requirements



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Aboriginal Lore

1. Who are the Aborigines and where did they come from? How many tribed were there when European colonization commenced?

2. Discuss the tribal system. What are totems?

3. Discuss the food of the Aborigines:

  1. Kinds
  2. How obtained
  3. How prepared  

4. Discuss their homes. Of what are they made and why are they not permanent? Where do they young men and boys sleep?

5. How do they communicate with other tribes who may not understand their language? How do they send signals within the tribe? What is the purpose of the Tjurina (or Churinga)?

6. What are some of the articles of trade and exchange? What domestic utensils do they use.

7. Describe some of the weapons used in hunting and warfare.

8. What is a corroboree? Explain its purpose. What are clap sticks and the digeridoo?

9. What games do children play? How are young men trained? How are they initiated? What is the bora ground? What is a bull roarer?

10. Discuss the two main types of Aboriginal art.

11. Briefly relate the history of the Aborigines since the white man arrived in Australia, mentioning the government policies through the years and the work of missions.

         South Pacific Division
          2001 Edition

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