Bridges Honor Requirements

Bridges Honor Requirements



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1. Define the following terms:

  1. Bridge
  2. Aqueduct
  3. Falsework
  4. Compression force
  5. Tension force
  6. Bascule bridge
  7. Covered bridge

2. Describe these six main types of bridge design and give two examples of each:

  1. Arch bridge
  2. Beam bridge
  3. Cable-stayed bridge
  4. Cantilever bridge
  5. Suspension bridge
  6. Truss bridge

3. Name the bridge design that can span the longest distance.
4. Do two of the following activities:

  1. Make a list of at least eight notable bridges that you have crossed.
  2. Name two bridges that you have crossed and tell what design they are.
  3. Watch a video about bridges.
  4. Make a video or Powerpoint presentation about the bridge(s) you have visited.
  5. Build a bridge on a piece of cardboard using materials such as popsicle sticks, toothpicks, yarn, thread, and glue.

5. Name each of the following bridge designs:
6. Recite John 3:16, then tell how this verse describes Jesus’ role as a bridge between heaven and earth.

Skill Level
New in 2012

North American Division
2001 Edition
Updated 2012

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