Friend of Jesus Award Requirements

Friend of Jesus Award Requirements



Download the requirements for the Friend of Jesus award by clicking on the download link above.

Level: Busy Bee (1st grade)
Category: Spiritual
Section: My God

Friend of Jesus

1. Tell a friend about Jesus and how good He is to you.
2. Invite a friend to a meeting at your church.
3. With adult help, prepare a devotional or prayer to be given at Sabbath School, a club meeting, or school.
4. Visit a shut-in or older person from your church or community. Take him/her a picture or card you have made.
5. Tell why you should be kind to animals.
6. Attend a baptism and discuss what it means.
7. Explain what it means to be a friend of Jesus and name five of Jesus’ friends listed in your Bible.
8. Be able to say a prayer at mealtime and one at bedtime.
9. Speak kindly to those around you. Discuss how being kind to others is also being a friend of Jesus.

1 & 8. Help the children learn to verbalize their love for Jesus and to share that love with others. Pray simple prayers to show their love for Jesus.
2. Encourage the children to invite a non-SDA friend. Discuss how they can be a good example by sitting quietly in church, walking softly, singing, kneeling for prayer, being kind, etc.
3. Show the children how to prepare a simple talk or prayer. Keep it age appropriate, encouraging their own ideas.
4. Visit shut-ins and have the children bring something they have made to them. The shut-in may be an adult or child. Help your children realize that caring for this friend of Jesus is loving Jesus, too.
5. Teach kindness to animals, as in regular feeding, clean water, handling carefully, and speaking softly.
6. Explain baptism, that it was Jesus’ example for us, and attend one.
7. Children may list disciples or other friends, such as Mary, Martha, Lazarus, etc.
9. Jesus knows our thoughts and actions. Be kind as Jesus was.

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