Gift Wrapping Honor Requirements

Gift Wrapping Honor Requirements



Download the requirements for the Gift Wrapping honor by clicking on the download link above.

Gift Wrapping

1. List five courtesy rules for giving and receiving gifts.
2. Do the following:

  1. Collect different types of wrapping paper, at least ten grades, five-by-seven centimeters in size.
  2. Choose a suitable gift wrap pattern for wrapping a gift to a child, an adult, a sister, a brother, etc.
  3. Demonstrate carefully wrapping a simple rectangular box in paper.

3. Wrap the following types of gifts with ornamental supplement:

  1. in the form of a cube
  2. in the form of a cylinder
  3. multifaceted
  4. extraordinary (your option).

4. Know how to make a gift bow (3 types).
5. Correctly and carefully pack a gift. Give the wrapped gift to someone in your family, church, or community

Skill Level 1
New in 2015

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
North American Division
Institution of Origin: ESD
2015 Update

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