Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon



1. Learn at least three fun facts about the first hot air balloon flight.

2. Draw and label the three main parts of a hot air balloon.

3. Watch a video or read a book about how a hot air balloon works.

4. Make a small hot air balloon and fly it. (Do not use a candle or other source of fire.)

5. Compare Jesus’ words about shining one’s light for all to see in Matthew 5:14–16 is like a hot air balloon’s glow at night and how you can let your balloon glow for Jesus.



1. First flight was in 1783 and lasted eight minutes. The passengers were a rooster, a duck and a sheep. For additional information, search the internet for “hot air balloon history facts”.

2. Main hot air balloon parts are the envelope, the basket and the heat source. For illustrations of hot air balloons, search the internet using the key words “basic hot air balloon parts.”

3. For age appropriate videos, check out YouTube using the key word search “hot air balloons for kids” or explore the children’s section of your local library.

4. To build a safe hot air balloon, search YouTube or Google using the key words “build a hot air ball using a blow dryer for kids’ science project.”

5. Search the internet for hot air balloon glow night pictures. Fill balloons with glow sticks. Then read Matthew 5:14–16 and discuss specific ways to show others Jesus love (light, glow). 

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