Native American Lore Honor Requirements

Native American Lore Honor Requirements



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Native American Lore

1. Name five uses made of natural materials by the Northwest Indians.
2. Name five uses made of the yucca plant by the Southwest Indians.
3. Name five uses made of the birch tree by the Eastern Woodland Indians.
4. Know 15 plant foods introduced to us by the Indians. Include four plant names used today.
5. Describe Indian stalking and tracking.
6. Name five rocks and/or minerals and uses made of them by the Indians.
7. Explain one way in which arrowheads were made by the Indians.
8. Define pictograph. What are Indian petroglyphs and where can you find them?
9. Describe the use of seashells by the Indians.
10. Name at least ten materials used in making Indian arts and crafts.
11. Make a craft item using any of the materials named in requirement 10.

Skill Level 1
Original Honor 1944

Native American Lore, Advanced

1. Have the Native American Lore Honor.
2. Know and have a list of at least 40 foods introduced to us by the Indians of North and South America.
3. Participate in a meal using as many Indian foods and cooking methods as possible.
4. Name five drugs or medicine plants used by the Indians.
5. Discuss the Indians of your area with regard to:

  1. Tribes located there
  2. Homes and clothing
  3. Native crafts, such as basketry, pottery, mats, etc.
  4. Religious practices
  5. Form of government

6. Name ten articles used by the Indians in their religious ceremonies.
7. Explain two methods of mounting and displaying arrowheads.
8. Explain one method of restoring and mending damaged arrowheads, ollas, blankets, and baskets.
9. Name and locate at least ten different tribes of the present day and tell what each is noted for.
10. Experiment with plant dyes as used by the Indians and try to create at least two shades of color.
11. Do one of the following:

  1. Visit an Indian museum.
  2. Visit Indian ruins or mounds.
  3. Make a personal visit with an Indian.
  4. Visit an Indian village or reservation

Skill Level 2
Original Honor 1976

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
North American Division
2012 Update

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