Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques



The very fi rst teaching experience took place at the Garden of Eden. Here’s Adam, fresh from the dirt, perfumed by the natural oils found on the ground, facing his teacher. I can imagine in his face the same inquisitive look that I get from my dogs whenever they see that I have something in my hands. What is it? Is it for me? Can I eat it? Now Adam was not asking those types of questions, but I imagine his look full of eagerness. What am I looking at? What is this that I see? And God is next to him showing him, teaching him. In Genesis 1 and 2 we fi nd God fi rst as Adam’s teacher and then as teacher of both Adam and Eve. Can you imagine such experience? Can you imagine God showing you around? Look, this is a tree. And let me show you something unique about this tree. This is an apple tree and here you go. This is called apple. Try it. Good, eh? Now let me show you this little beast. This is a dog …

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