The Hungers of My Life

The Hungers of My Life



There are two things that are endemic to the human condition. Number one, we all have heart hungers, deep longings that sometimes seem so hard to fill; dissatisfaction with the way things are, a restlessness that sometimes manifests itself inthe form of an aching feeling inside. These are often the hungers that either aren’t acknowledged or seem impossible to fulfill. Some people do not spend much time considering these hungers. Others use many strategies that prove ineffective. Yet these heart hungers are the most significant in terms of life fulfillment and meaning. Number two, we all face “a mountain of obstacles,” that tend to prevent those heart hungers from being adequately fed. Just admitting or embracing our hungers isn’t enough. Hungers automatically drive toward fulfillment. But all of us encounter obstacles needing to be overcome and dealt with in order for satisfaction to be realized. And that means work, more energy, focus, determination, tenacity; all those traits that take time to develop and insist upon extra energy to be applied.

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