Maranatha Metaphors

Maranatha Metaphors

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Take the common, everyday objects on a short-term mission trip and discover spiritual insights from the things right before you, around you, and under your nose. This is the very thing Jesus did in His ministry with object lessons people would understand and be reminded of each time they saw them.

Maranatha Metaphors provide an instruction card and 45 starter ideas, with 15 cards for construction (like a trowel, level, cornerstone), and 10 cards each for the kitchen (like salt, knife, washing dishes), medical/dental outreach (stethoscope, dental pliers, pills), and children’s ministry (craft supplies, song motions, stickers).

Use Maranatha Metaphors to spark ideas and discussion in your group at the start the day, for a transition before or after lunch, during group worships, or whenever the ideas cross your mind.

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