Clicks to Digital Evangelism

Clicks to Digital Evangelism

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Welcome to a pivotal chapter in the unfolding story of digital evangelism. As we navigate the digital age, our steadfast mission is to spread the three angels’ message worldwide. While the Bible’s message of truth remains unchanged, our delivery methods must evolve with current trends to reach people effectively. This guide is a journey into adapting our approach to resonate with the digital world, ensuring that the eternal truths of the Bible are communicated in a way that speaks to today’s audience.

Justin Kim stands at the forefront of digital evangelism, blending his diverse roles as a pastor, evangelist, missionary, writer, content creator and web developer. His core expertise lies in being a digital evangelism strategist, where he excels in guiding individuals to share the Adventist message effectively in the digital world. Currently, he serves as the Director of Communication and Digital Evangelism for the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, where his innovative strategies are making significant impacts. Kim’s work is a testament to the power of combining traditional evangelism with the digital age, offering a fresh perspective on spreading faith in the 21st century.

Paperback. Copyright 2024. 175 pages.

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