The Non-Designer's Design Book

The Non-Designer's Design Book

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There is an ever-growing number of people attempting to design pages with no formal training. This book is the one place they can turn to find quick, non-intimidating, excellent design help from trusted design instructor Robin Williams. Robin uses her straightforward and lighthearted style to identify the surprisingly simple principles of good design and the logic behind those principles. Using numerous examples, you’ll learn what looks best (and why) on your way to designing beautiful and effective projects. Robin’s elegant approach to teaching design has transformed legions of “non-designers” into confident, self-assured designers.

Whether you are a Mac or a Windows user, a type novice or an experienced graphic designer, you will find inspiration and direction for the design quandaries and conundrums you are sure to encounter. This essential guide will teach you:

  • The four principles of design that underlie every design project
  • Specific tips on designing newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other projects
  • How to design with color
  • How to design with type
  • How to combine the typefaces for maximum effect
  • What makes a design look professional

Paperback. Full color. Copyright 2008. 215 pages.

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