Transforming the City (8 DVD set) Urban Ministry in the New Millennium

Transforming the City (8 DVD set) Urban Ministry in the New Millennium

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To effectively lead our churches to serve our communities in an ever-changing society, it is necessary to stay equipped with innovative leadership skills that will make us most successful.

This resource contains all the presentations of the inauguration of the Adventist Urban Congress on July 22-27, 2007 at Oakwood College, a critical moment in increasing the impact of Adventist community outreach ministries as a leading force for strengthening communities in the twenty-first century. With over 30 hours of video of the best in Adventist leadership, this 8-disk DVD resource will help equip pastors, church administrators, and lay leaders on every level who are looking to acquire innovative skills and unconventional tools for leading congregations in community development.

This set includes:

  • Admiral Barry Black, Opening Keynote
  • Ivan Warden, Morning Presentation
  • Gregory Allen, Theological Concepts of Social Justice
  • Monte Sahlin, Environment of the Church: Government, Networking, and Partnership
  • James Cress, Strategic Thinking for Church Growth
  • Alvin Kibble, Evening Presentation
  • Charles Cheatham, Morning Presentation
  • Zdravko Plantak, Social Action from Relief to Public Policy
  • Gaspar Colon, Program Development and Evaluation
  • Leslie Pollard, Ministering and Managing Cross-Culturally
  • Charles Bradford, Evening Presentation
  • Ronald Sider, Morning Presentation
  • Ronald Sider, Holistic Ministry: Churches that Make a Difference
  • Ken Turpen & Rachelle Chaney, Board Development
  • Ken Turpen & Rachelle Chaney, Financial Resource Development
  • Roscoe Howard, Evening presentation
  • Laurel Ferguson, Morning Presentation
  • Minnie McNeil, The Art of Change: Growing the Organization
  • Lyle Litzenberger, Creating Healthy Churches through Natural Church Development
  • Don James, Cell Groups and Holistic Small Groups
  • Charles Brooks, Evening Presentation
  • Sung Kwon, Morning Presentation
  • Frederick Russell, Leadership Lessons from the Hood
  • Mark Finley, Dedication Service

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