For The Love Of God

For The Love Of God

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This book highlights the need to move beyond a superficial religious experience to one that is Jesus centered, mind-altering, and people focused. With the incarnation of his Son, God started a revolution that is supposed to make us more considerate, compassionate, and kind—even with our enemies. Avoid being sucked into today’s culture wars and political hate speech, and discover how you can love as Jesus loves.


“Karen has packed great information about healing love into this easy-to-read book. The information is there for the purpose of transformation. Is there anyone who couldn’t use transformation when it comes to being more loving? This is a practical book for us all.”
—Ken Wetmore, Lead Pastor, WholeLife Church, Orlando, Florida

“Reading the author’s preface ignited a fire in my heart as she openly shared about her spiritual journey, gave an overview of historic events that impacted baby boomers, and listed what she hoped the readers would remember from the book. Karen understands the challenges of living in a culture where relationships are fragile, anger abounds, and God’s agape love is desperately needed.”
—Cheri Smith, Ooltewah, Tennessee

“If you grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, there is much in this book that will bring back memories. Karen Spruill’s purpose, however, is not nostalgia. Rather she builds on her rich background as a counselor to help her readers learn how to love as God loves. She accomplishes this through interesting and challenging stories as well as down-to-earth, practical strategies for building loving relationships with a love that transcends differences in opinions, beliefs, and personalities. The subtitle of the book, 'Healing Hearts and Mending Divides,' expresses the book’s purpose. In a world where we see so much polarization in religion, politics, and culture, and where so many families experience alienation, Karen Spruill’s work is certainly welcome.”
—John Brunt, Ph.D., Lynwood, Washington

Paperback. Copyright 2023. 198 pages.

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