A Follower of Jesus - iFollow Leader's Guide

A Follower of Jesus - iFollow Leader's Guide

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Following Jesus is like taking a journey. Members become discouraged. Some slip and fall and need help. There are dangerous places that require a helping hand. Often those who feel alone and without guidance quietly disappear.

Jesus understands the perils of being a disciple. That’s why He guided His followers while He was on earth. Christ brought healing, training, and encouragement to the group of women and men who responded to His call, “Follow me.”

This leader’s guide includes all of the information you need to start and lead a small group through A Follower of Jesus:

  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started
  • Detailed information on how to lead a group
  • Tips for conducting meetings
  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Spiritual growth activities
  • Web links

A Follower of Jesus looks at six ways Jesus established and grew His disciples. Whether you are a new member or someone who was baptized years ago, A Follower of Jesus will help you discover that Christ’s way of growing disciples will strongly enhance your journey to heaven.

Paperback. 45 pages. Copyright 2014. Part of the iFollow series.

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