Safeguarding Peace

Safeguarding Peace

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Abuse in any form injures and dehumanizes God’s children. Houses of hope and healing lose witness when violence festers and is tolerated within the church body. In recognition, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has addressed this very real and obvious issue head-on with a zero-tolerance campaign against abuse called End It Now. This campaign seeks to address the actions that misrepresent God’s love and His character by educating and training leaders to spot signs of abuse as often as possible.

Use this training manual to learn how to create safe spaces within our communities of faith. This manual not only yields practical instruction, transparency, prevention, and greater awareness of the issue of abuse, but it also provides to the means for healing and restoration for those who have been abused. This manual is a valuable resource for the congregation and beyond.  

Modules include:

  • Intimate partner violence awareness and prevention
  • Preparing for and responding to abuse disclosure
  • Child protection

This book also includes FAQ, a volunteer code of conduct, instructions for creating a victim/survivor safety plan, and more.

Click here to learn more about End It Now and how you can help bring an end to abuse. 

Paperback. Copyright 2024.96 pages.

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