Journal of Family Research and Practice - Forgiveness

Journal of Family Research and Practice - Forgiveness

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The Journal of Family Research and Practice (JFRP) is an annual publication of the Fam­ily Ministries Department of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is released each year in conjunction with the Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice (ACFRP). It is authored by various experts in the field and focus­es on the same theme as the conference for that year. Each volume is primarily intended for professionals, practitioners, pastors, and lay-people. This volume is intended to be both academic and practical in nature, dealing with the day to day challenges families face. The topics have been identified as key issues relevant to today’s families.

This book includes the following articles:

  • Forgiveness: What It Isn’t, What It Is, and How to Do It by Everett L. Worthington, Jr.
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Melissa DePaiva Gibson
  • Forgiveness is the Antidote to Racial Resentment by Dave M. Jenkins
  • Forgiveness in the Old Testament and Intertestamental Period by Jiří Moskala
  • The Forgiveness of Sins in the Gospel of Luke by Cedric Vine
  • Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves: How Children Who Have Been Abused by Their Parents Can Find Release from a Life Of Torment by Claudio and Pamela Consuegra
  • The Influence of Forgiveness on Health and Healing by Katia G. Reinert
  • Forgiveness and Loving Well in Cases of Abuse: A Biblical Perspective by Sarah McDugal and Kensley Behel
  • Forgiveness and Couple Therapy by Grant Leitma
  • Forgiveness in the Family by Karen Holford
  • The Role of Forgiveness After My Life of Abuse by Carolyn Lim

 Paperback. Copyright 2021. 136 pages.

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