Sermons that Strengthen Families | Spanish

Sermons that Strengthen Families | Spanish

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When people are in a happy and healthy marriage, they are more likely to be part of happy and healthy family. Families in which children are more likely to be discipled in the ways of God, people are more likely to practice faithful stewardship, and all are more likely to be strong witnesses for truth.

Sermons that Strengthen Families contains materials for sermons devoted entirely to family themes such as marriage, singleness, forgiveness, depression, rejection, self-esteem, and more. Smith combines Bible passages, modern-day parables, stories, quotations, statistics, history, and more help you create relevant sermons on these topics.

Five chapters include sermon materials aimed at:

  • Couples and singles
  • Strengthening family values
  • Spirituality and the family
  • Young people
  • Parent/child relations

These materials are excellent for family ministries day, for conducting a series on families, or for use as individual sermons aimed at strengthening and supporting the families in your church.

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